The #Titans have a new man atop the 2014 payroll with Chris Johnson gone. See the 20 highest paid 7 h
RT @jwyattsports: Chris Johnson said the #Titans never asked him to take a pay cut, or to restructure his contract to stay. 1 d
RT @terrymc13: #Jets sign Chris Johnson to two-year, $8 million deal via @247Sports 1 d
Updated: RB Chris Johnson joins Jets. But would he have taken a pay cut if #Titans had asked? Check out his answer 1 d
RT @tnsports: Former Titans star Chris Johnson joining Jets "with a chip on my shoulder" via @tennessean 1 d
@mttrice27: @LeviDamien 5th for Moore and 6th for Pryor? Is that realistic, or wishful thinking for Raiders?” -- wishful doesn't cover it 1 d
What kind of value could #Raiders get in Denarius Moore trade? 1 d
@Oklandraida84: If #Raiders take Watkins who’s odd man out? Trade Moore?” >> you need 3 or 4. When’s last time they had real depth at WR? 7 d
RT @caplannfl: #Raiders also will have a visit coming up with DE Zach Moore (Concordia St.) 7 d
New from JS: Video: Aaron Rodgers in 'Neighbors' promo #packers 2 d
New at Lynn Dickey believes Aaron Rodgers is best NFL QB, bar none: #Packers 3 d
Wyoming QB Brett Smith's favorite QB to watch is @AaronRodgers12 "Aaron Rodgers is probably my favorite to watch just (continued) 3 d
Former #Packers QB Lynn Dickey said if he could start an NFL team with 1 player it'd be Aaron Rodgers. 3 d
Philip Rivers
Chiefs @ Chargers Sun 4:25 PM
Aaron Rodgers
Packers @ Bears Sun 1:00 PM
Week 17
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Aaron Rodgers
Packers @ Cowboys Sun 4:25 PM
Philip Rivers
Chargers @ Broncos Thu 8:25 PM
Week 15
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TD to Cobb 222 d
@Bigdaddyv88: @BryanBroaddus hypothetically speaking of they snag Evans is he number 2 behind Bryant??” Williams in mix too. 2 d
@DamienEvans88: @BryanBroaddus round 2 I say Martavis Bryant or Brandon Coleman From Rutgers 6'6” you looked at Landry from LSU? 4 d
@STOP_GASSSIN_EM: @BryanBroaddus @blakeywv what are your thoughts on martavis bryant” amazing had that production with that QB. 4 d
The MRI on Dez Bryant's left foot indicated a mild foot sprain and the Cowboys expect him to play Week 2. 220 d
Dez Bryant has been diagnosed with a sprained left foot, though X-rays were negative. 221 d
RT @ProCamps: News Release: Steve Smith Announces Luke Kuechly to be a Special Guest at Charlotte Football ProCamp @josephperson http://t.c 4 d
A month after his release, WR Steve Smith has moved on from his #Panthers past. 6 d
Charlotte Observer >> Steve Smith has moved on from his Carolina Panthers past 6 d
Smith continues to take the high road since his release from #Panthers. Protecting his legacy is impt. to him. Not burning bridges here. 7 d
Asked Steve Smith what he thought about #Panthers losing all their WRs from last yr.;he said Panthers aren't his concern anymore.Ravens are. 7 d
Rob Gronkowski
Patriots @ Patriots Wed 12:00 AM
Charles Clay
Dolphins @ Dolphins Wed 12:00 AM
Week 0
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Knowshon Moreno
Broncos @ Raiders Sun 4:25 PM
Le'Veon Bell
Browns @ Steelers Sun 1:00 PM
Week 17
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Moreno Houston or LeVeon Bell GB? 121 d
The performance last week have anyone else nervous? 121 d
Wait when did this guy become the go to RB in Denver? 224 d
Something tells me he will be a one hit wonder this Sunday 182 d